The Lure

Trophy fish of all species have one thing in common...they eat large food items. The A.C. Plug imitates large baitfish with a deadly swimming action that comes from its hand-crafted design. This patented (#5522170) plug started the "swimbait" revolution back in the '80s and will continue to produce world class fish into the next millennium. It has caught huge Largemouth Bass (four at 17 lbs., two at 18 lbs., as well as thousands over 10 lbs.) It can also take credit for thousands of huge Striped Bass, including ninety four over 40 lbs., eighteen over 50 lbs. and three over 60 lbs. (including a 67.1 lb. Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame World Record). It can take credit for a Utah State Record 26 lb. Tiger Musky . The plug also holds 3 World Line Class records for Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass and Lake Trout...and a world record for a organized Largemouth Bass tournament (6 fish totaling 63.26 lbs)  The plug also boasts many Brown Trout over 10 pounds including the Oregon State Record of just over 28 pounds! It is even enshrined by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame because it has caught so many big fish over the years. The list goes on and on. All of the plugs sold on this site are hand crafted by the master himself, Allan Cole. He differs from all other plug builders by one major factor...not only does he build the plugs...he catches huge fish on them! He has been building these plugs for over 20 years and knows what it takes to create that killer action that drives monster fish wild. Each plug is pool tested to ensure that it exhibits that deadly snakelike action that has made the A.C. Plug world famous. Five coats of paint are applied to the plugs to ensure durability. High quality hooks are attached to each lure to give you the best chance to get a good hookset. Call or email Allan today if you are interested in bringing your big fish catching skills to the next level!


In the mid 1980s Allan Cole was fishing for striped bass at Pyramid lake and made a historical discovery that has changed the face of trophy fishing forever. He noticed that Striped Bass were keying in on stocked rainbow trout and gorging thAC plugs, the original, big fish swimbait!emselves on these pen raised food items. He set out to design a fishing lure that would not only match the coloring of the hatchery trout, but would also duplicate the swimming motion of the fish. After 4 years of perfecting his idea and secretly catching monster Stripers in California and Nevada, he was finally ready to release his new lure to the world. In 1991 he went fishing with an LA times reporter and let the world know about the aptly named "A.C. Plug". One year later he decided to start chasing another kind of bass...the Largemouth variety. On his very first trip to Castaic Lake in California he hooked and landed a 15 pound Largemouth Bass. At that moment a paradigm shift occurred that has forever changed Largemouth Bass fishing. Many in the bass fishing community had a hard time believing that Allan had landed a bass larger than many of them...on his first day out! Since that fateful day large swimbaits have gradually become the #1 choice for catching that 10 pound plus bass. Many imitations have come and gone, but one things remains undisputed...the A.C. plug was the definitive beginning of the giant swimbait phenomenon. As anglers around the world got their first look at Allan's new lure they began to grasp at the possibilities it offered them. Any fish that feeds on large baitfish was now within reach. Huge fish of many species were starting to be reported. Check out the records page to get an idea of just how many world class fish the plug has produced and I think you will agree that the A.C. Plug is arguably the most important lure of our time.