17 Pound Brown Caught on AC Plug!

Allan gets 4 Browns over 10 Pounds in one trip!

60 Pound Lake Trout

22lb 10 oz Brown Landed Upper Twin Lake - Caught on AC Skinny

Allan Cole Fishing Accomplishments

Monster Bull Trout Landed on AC

The New A.C. Break Out

Allan Cole with 52 over 10 pounds

Allan gets 2 over 10 in 2 days!

Allan with his 50th over 10 Pounds

Oregon Bull Trout Going Off!

Eric and his buddies lit the big bulls up this year at lake Billy Chinook.

Huge West Coast Brown Trout Caught on AC Plug

West Guin caught and released this monster double digit, west-coast brown trout on a big AC Real Trout.

AC Plugs #1 Iconic Swimbait All Time

This article is a few years old but still timely. https://sdfish.com/top-lists/top-12-most-iconic-swimbaits-of-all-time/13/ SD Fish voted the AC Plug as the #1 most iconic swimbait of all time. They got it exactly right: "The one thing that is not up for debate is that the AC Plug took the big bass chase by storm in the early 1990s, and set forth the motion that inspired every other bait on this list."

Allan Catches 3 over 10 in One Trip!

He does it again. Allan landed 3 over 10 in one trip on AC Plugs. He got most of his fish on the AC Ripbait and some on the AC Skinny. His fish were topped by a 13 pound hookjaw. The other two hens were between 10 and 11 pounds. Congrats to Allan on 48 browns over 10 pounds!

Giant Trout Caught on ACs

Big western trout are going off! Check at these pics of an 11.5 pound brown, 10.5 pound brown, 10.25 pound brown, 23 pound lake trout and 18 pound brown... all caught on AC Plugs! Grab some lures and head out to your favorite trout lake and get some!

HUGE Colorado River Striper Caught!

Monster 36 pound striper caught at the river on a 9" AC Original. This is the largest fish we have heard of in 4 years. Check out the details in our forums.

Allan Wins Sierra Opener Big Fish Contest!

Just got the word that Allan has officially won a boat package worth $16K for catching the biggest trout opening weekend in the Sierras (for those who entered). https://www.facebook.com/Western-Outdoor-News-224608320891286/

Check out the forums for more details.

Great job Allan!

Monster Oregon Lake Trout on AC

Check out this beast measuring 41" x 26" that was landed by AC Hot Stick Jackson Stall. This is one of the largest mackinaw to come out of Oregon in the last few years. Check out the forum for more details.

Largemouth Bass

The AC is still knocking them dead all over the USA and the world even after 25 years. Here is a pic of two nice LB from New Hampshire caught on AC Plugs.

New Handmade Lure Released!

Allan's trophy trout days all begun in the 1970s using lures like Rapala and Rebel. It was only a matter of time before he came out with a handmade AC Plug that shared that tried and true basic hardbait style. He has added his signature tail, turned down the line tie eye and used a very buoyant wood to exaggerate the side to side wobble that big trout can't refuse. The "Allan's AC Ripbait" is a must have for any trophy trout angler's arsenal! Check out the new lure in the web store under the handmade section!

Its TROUT time!

It is time to order your AC Plugs. We have extended our 2 for 1 special on handmade lures. Monster browns, bulls, bows, lakers, cuttys... they all hit ACs. How many giants will we see caught on ACs this year?

MONSTER brown caught on AC Plug!!

One of the largest reported browns from California so far this year was landed recently on a black and silver AC Skinny. The monster hen weighed in at an incredible 17 pounds! Go to our forums for more details...

MONSTER 45 Pound Striped Bass Caught!

Rod Howard just landed one of the largest stripers in several years to come from the Colorado River. The beast crushed a 9" AC Minnow and weighed in at just over 45 pounds. You can get more details in our forums.

Monster 14.5 Pound Largemouth Caught on AC Minnow!!

Just got this pic of a beautiful 14.5 pound largemouth caught on a big 'ol 9" AC Plug "Minnow" fished as a wakebait. Marcus said, "Personal best for me. Thanks for a great plug!!" Check out our discussion forums for a high res pic...