The Inventor

Allan Cole has been fishing his entire life. In the 60 and 70s he caught the big brown trout bug and chased them all over the west coast. In the mid 80s he started to target giant stripers in California. This was were the AC Plug lure was born. In the early 90s he started to focus on largemouth.
Allan has caught more large fish of his three target species than any other angler in history. He has personally put 43 brown trout over 10 pounds in the boat, 31 stripers over 40 pounds and 65 largemouth over 10 pounds...amazing!
Allan has been married to his wife Sherry for over 50 years. He has 2 sons, Eric and Michael. Eric was drafted right out of high school by the Houston Astros and played professional minor league baseball for 10 years. Michael graduated cum lauda from Pepperdine and is a successful tax accountant in Long Beach, California.
Allan is a controversial figure who is not bashful about voicing his opinion about management practices or other issues that have arisen in the past. He has built hand made AC Plugs for over 20 years and has built hundreds of thousands of lures during that time. He is without a doubt one of the most dedicated trophy fish anglers of our time.
His revolutionary invention, the AC Plug has rewritten the pages of fishing forever. Look for him on your favorite big fish body of water, he is usually the first boat on and the last boat off, working every angle to try to get into that one big bite!