• How do I get a hold of someone to help me with a problem? - Email us at and someone will get right back to you.
  • I heard that you have a customer satisfaction guarantee? - Yes we do! If you are not happy with your lure for any reason you can return it and we will ship out a free replacement no questions asked.
  • How do you ship product? - Most of the orders are shipped via USPS first class or priority mail. Larger orders are shipped via FedEx ground.
  • How quick is your turnaround? - Production orders ship in 1-2 days. Handmade are built to order and ship in 1-2 weeks.
  • What is the difference between handmade and hardbaits? - Handmade are built to order by Allan Cole. They have a "rough" hand made look to them and take a bit of time to build. The hardbaits are our production lures that are ready to ship immediately.
  • I found an AC Plug that was made by another company? - AC Plugs have been liscensed by Allan to three other companies... Arbogast, Luhr Jensen and Optimum baits have all built AC Plugs in the past. All of those agreements have been terminated and you will only see AC Plugs come from us from here on out.
  • How do I catch big fish on your lures? - Visit our discussion forums and put a post up with your question. There is lots of info in our forums that will help you on your big fish hunt.
  • Do you recommend that I use some kind of swivel when I fish AC Plugs? - We recommend that you use a Berkley Cross Lock Snap when fishing AC Plugs. This is the strongest snap that we have found yet and it helps the action of the lure.
  • How do I replace tails once they come off? - Just pull the two small pins out of the tail section, put a new tail in place (available in our store) and push the pins back in.
  • My wooden AC Plug is swimming crooked... help! - Just bend the line tie very slightly the opposite direction that your plug is leaning. Keep working it and you should be able to dial it in.