AC Plugs Swimming

AC Plug Real Trout

The Real Trout is a mix between the Minnow and Hatchery Trout. It is a handmade lure crafted by the master himself!

AC Hatchery Trout

The AC Hatchery Trout has a wide side to side wobble and flash that has triggered some GIANT stripers over the last few years. Largemouth also love this lure.

AC Plug "Mag Shad"

The Mag Shad has a very tight shimmy that creates a lot of vibration. It is more of a "rip bait" than anything else. It has put some nice fish in the boat over the last few years.

AC Skinny Swimming

The AC Skinny is our other "trophy trout" lure. It has a tight shimmy that can trigger big fish.

AC StickBait

The 5" version of this bait is going to be a MONEY bait for trophy browns in the future. As more and more people give it a shot they will be rewarded with good fish. Feeling lucky? Put on the 7" for that monster bite.

AC Original Swimming

The Original is DEADLY on the downrigger for mackinaw and other trout. The larger sizes are also very deadly slow rolled on the surface for largemouth and stripers.

AC Minnow Swimming Vid.

Gotta love the minnow. This bait is AWESOME as a wakebait right in the surface film.